Where ambitious kids unlock their potential

At Primer Microschools, students learn at their own pace, pursue their passions, and get the support they deserve. A school designed for tomorrow's leaders, enrolling today.

School that’s
never one size fits all

Our goal is simple: free the next generation of kids to be more ambitious, more creative, and to think for themselves. We are building a new education system that takes kids seriously.

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Learn without limits

Kids are remarkable — and our current system is underestimating them. Our goal at Primer is to change this.

We believe in a future where:

  • Students can learn at their own pace.
  • Families are in the driver's seat of their child’s education.
  • Your neighborhood doesn’t dictate the quality of your education.

What makes Primer different?


Personalized academics

Academics at Primer challenge students at their individual level allowing them to learn their core academics — with a focus on math and reading — at their own speed. Your child will have support in areas where they need extra help and tools to jump ahead when they master skills.


Pursuing passions

Inspiration is the keystone of learning and the catalyst behind a student's self discovery, motivation and engagement. Your child will have the time and tools each day to pursue their passions—whether that’s writing a song, starting a business, or building a robot.


Putting students and families first

At Primer, we put families in the driver's seat of their child’s education. Every student gets the 1:1 attention they deserve and every parent gets a window into their child’s learning and progress. Your child will never get lost in the shuffle at Primer and neither will you.

Our families, students, and educators say it best…

Antwon’s mom
6th grader

An innovative approach to education

Primer is perfect for your family if you’re looking for a school with...

Small student to teacher ratios for individualized attention.

Frequent communication and a window into your child’s progress.

Experienced, dedicated, and nurturing educators to inspire your child.

An emphasis on creative problem-solving and real-world skills.

A curriculum that drives learning and cultivates curiosity.

Healthy habits that build your child’s confidence.

Yes, this kind of education is possible. And at Primer, we believe all kids should have the opportunity to learn this way.