Your child is amazing

Why should their education be anything less?

At Primer Microschools, students learn at their own pace, pursue their passions, and get the 1:1 support they deserve. We’re in your corner; creating schools that inspire students to be more ambitious, more creative, and to think for themselves.

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School that’s never one size fits all

Smaller class sizes mean bigger connections, allowing teachers at Primer to build deeper relationships with their students. Your child will never get lost at Primer and neither will you.

Teacher-student ratio

Why choose Primer Microschools?

Our families say it best...

My favorite thing is the engagement from the teacher.

You know immediately where your child needs work, making it easier to address the problem and help the child.

— Trinity’s dad
It’s the best thing that happened to my son.

The way they teach is wonderful. My son loves to go to school; he’s learning and happy.

— Nicolas’ mom
Moving my daughter was the best decision I’ve ever made.

She’s able to shine and also get the one-on-one help she needs at times.

— Armani’s mom

What makes Primer Microschools different?


Personalized academics

Academics at Primer challenge students at their individual level allowing them to learn their core academics — with a focus on math and reading — at their own speed. Your child will have support in areas where they need extra help and tools to jump ahead when they master skills.


Pursuing passions

Inspiration is the keystone of learning and the catalyst behind a student's self discovery, motivation and engagement. Your child will have the time and tools each day to pursue their passions—whether that’s writing a song, starting a business, or building a robot.


Putting students and families first

At Primer, we put families in the driver's seat of their child’s education. Every student gets the 1:1 attention they deserve and every parent gets a window into their child’s learning and progress. Your child will never get lost in the shuffle at Primer and neither will you.

Meet the teachers

Design a personalized and engaging schedule

You know your child better than anyone

At Primer, you can work with your microschool leader to design a schedule, unique to their learning style, needs, and passions.

Students attend school from

They spend 20% of their time engaging in virtual classes with extraordinary educators and ambitious kids from around the world.

An innovative approach to education

Primer is perfect for your family if you’re looking for a school with:

  • Small student to teacher ratios for individualized attention.
  • Experienced, dedicated, and nurturing educators to inspire your child.
  • A curriculum that drives learning and cultivates curiosity.
  • Frequent communication and a window into your child’s progress.
  • An emphasis on creative problem-solving and real-world skills.
  • Prioritizing healthy habits—and building your child’s confidence.

Yes, this kind of education is possible. And at Primer, we believe all kids should have the opportunity to learn this way.

Common questions

This looks incredible…but sounds expensive. Can I afford it?

Our philosophy is that every child deserves a high-quality education, so we offer generous income-based scholarships. Many of our current students are on full-tuition scholarships.

Is it complicated to change schools?

Not at all. We’ll help guide you through the steps you need to take to make it happen. You don’t even have to wait until the next school year rolls around. We’ll make sure your child’s school transition goes smoothly no matter what time of year they start.

Is Primer really different?

Our parents, students, and teachers give a resounding yes. Our schools prioritize real-world learning and problem-solving, and our smaller class sizes mean that teachers can give your child the personalized attention they need to thrive. The result? Students are happier at school than ever before.

What parents are saying

My favorite thing about Primer is how much they believe in my child and the potential she has within herself.

— Breanna’s mom

My child is learning and understanding her responsibility to her education. Before, I feel that she was not receiving the attention to get a good education. The teachers and curriculum will make your child want to learn.

— Genesis’ dad

This school really challenges students in a fun way. My daughter is doing so well, and the teachers show dedication. We love this school!

— Imani’s mom

How to Apply

At Primer, we believe your child deserves an education that reflects their unique needs, goals, and interests.

Think of our application as the first step in getting to know you and your family.

A few notes:

  • Answer honestly. There are no right or wrong answers here.
  • We don’t give students priority based on past grades, traditional test scores, or their family’s ability to pay.
  • We offer generous income-based scholarships, with many of our families qualifying for full-ride scholarships.

Have questions? See the Primer Microschool FAQs or reach out to our team at [email protected].

Step 1: Apply

Complete the initial application here. It only takes about 3 minutes.

Step 2: Family interview

Join us for a 30-minute family interview. This will allow you to learn more about our schools, and it will give us a chance to get to know your child and family.

Step 3: Creative task

Your child will be asked to complete and submit a creative task.

Step 4: Congratulations!

We’ll send an acceptance letter to each child who is accepted into Primer Microschools.

Start your application

A fresh start for your child awaits.

Just fill out the information below to get the process going. Applications are evaluated for admissions and scholarships on a rolling basis.

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