Here’s the thing: Primer isn’t anything like a normal school, and our approach to tuition is no exception.

We believe that every family should have access to a world-class education, regardless of their financial situation. We also believe that learning in a diverse setting helps students collaborate and unlock their full potential.

Some families at Primer pay $0 for their kids to attend Primer and other families pay full tuition out of pocket ($18,500/yr). We’ve never once turned away a family for their inability to pay – never once.

Here’s how we approach tuition in our enrollment process:

First, we work with your family to understand your financial situation.

Second, we help you qualify for state scholarships that could cover some or all of your tuition to Primer. Many families don’t know these scholarships exist, and the process to apply can be cumbersome. We make it all super easy and give you everything you need to apply and access these scholarships.

Finally, we put it all together into a financial aid package that works for your family. You’ll talk to an admissions advisor who can walk you through the details, answer any questions, and ensure the structure works for your family.

We know school tuition can be stressful, and our goal is quite the opposite. Our team will work closely with you through the whole process and ensure that Primer is within reach for your family – we really mean that. We can’t wait to meet you!