How has technology changed education? The power of classroom technology

How has technology changed education? In this blog post, we’ll explore how technology has changed the classroom, and how we use technology at Primer Microschools for personalized learning.

May 23, 2024

A teacher at Primer Miami Health District using technology to help a student with their personalized learning.
“What is really unique about Primer is that we are building a product with students in mind, with their voices, their family’s voices, and teachers’ voices. Which is exactly what I think is missing in traditional schools.” Julieta, Microschool Leader in Health District

It’s time to think about technology in the classroom differently. At Primer, classroom technology isn't just an add-on to the typical classroom structure, but a driving force in how we teach, learn, and think about education. The future of learning is exponential if we harness technology in the right ways.

Classroom technology as a catalyst, not a crutch

The goal of technology is to expand the potential and reach of extraordinary educators. If you take a top 1% teacher and equip them with the most cutting-edge technology, they are going to be powerful in empowering students. With classroom technology, educators can transform into leaders.

How is Primer using technology to change traditional education?

Here are 4 main ways:

Access to Innovation

The digital divide is about who has access to the most innovative, cutting-edge educational tools and experiences. At Primer, we're not just keeping pace; we're setting the pace. Every student deserves the latest classroom technology. We have an in-house team of software engineers, designers, and educators building educational tools for our kids, based on their feedback and their needs.

Julieta, our Microschool Leader at Primer Health District, shared:

“The product team reached out to me and asked to meet with the students to discuss how the product is working for them. That’s never happened before. At Primer, kids have someone in San Francisco who is building the technology asking them what is working and what isn’t. That is pretty amazing.”

Customized learning journeys using classroom technology

Imagine a classroom where learning is as unique as each student. With technology, we create learning paths that adapt, change, and grow with every child. This is a school system that understands and evolves with the learner, making education not just more effective but truly transformative.

From passive learning to active creation

We're empowering a generation of creators and innovators, who know how to think for themselves. Technology in the classroom means hands-on learning, where students aren't just absorbing information but using it to build, create, and innovate. This is education as a creative act, turning students from passive recipients into active, engaged creators and builders.

Skills for the Future, Not the Past

We're preparing students for jobs that don't yet exist, bringing technologies into the classroom that are just emerging, to solve problems we're just beginning to understand. This is about more than coding or digital literacy; it's about cultivating agile minds ready to adapt to and thrive in an ever-changing world.

“Traditional K-12 education misses both hard and soft life skills. At Primer, we ask the question, ‘What do adults spend their time trying to make up for because they didn’t learn it in school?’”- Lindsay Freeman, Head of Curriculum at Primer

Tomorrow’s innovation starts in today's classrooms

The process of learning and teaching should be in a constant state of evolution, just like the technology we advocate for. We pledge to continuously innovate, disrupt, and challenge the status quo. The integration of technology in education is about enhancing the learning experience, personalizing education, fostering creativity and innovation, and equipping students and teachers with the skills they need for the future.

As educators and innovators, we have the responsibility and the opportunity to shape a future where technology opens doors to endless possibilities for every student. Tomorrow’s innovation starts in today’s classrooms. And we’re starting at Primer.

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