The Importance of Independent Reading for Kids

Curious about why independent reading is important for your child? Learn more about why and how we value and encourage independent reading at Primer.

May 7, 2024

Understanding Independent Reading

Independent reading refers to the practice where children choose books that interest them and read independently, outside the structure of formal classroom activities or guided lessons. It is one of the most important habits we can encourage in our kids and enables kids to explore topics that genuinely captivate them, fostering a profound and genuine love for reading.

If we want kids to learn to love learning, we need to give them enjoyable ways to learn. If a child learns to love reading, they’re set up to be self-motivated, capable, and lifelong learners.

4 Benefits of Independent Reading

1. Help kids discover their passions: Independent book selection allows kids to discover their interests, shaping their reading preferences and transforming reading from a task into a beloved pastime.

2. Clear academic outcomes: Regular independent reading improves reading fluency, speed, and endurance. It’s a natural way to expand vocabulary and comprehension skills, crucial for academic success across all subjects.

3. Empower independent learning: This approach fosters a sense of ownership over learning. As students make their own reading choices, they become more invested in their educational journey, often translating this autonomy into other areas of study.

4. Build Confidence: Independent reading boosts self-esteem and nurtures a positive attitude towards learning. It shows students that they are capable of exploring and understanding complex ideas on their own.

Independent Reading at Primer

At Primer, we prioritize independent reading, dedicating time each day for kids to choose which books they read. Not only does each Microschool have its own library with a wide variety of books for students to choose from, but every Primer student in grades 3-8 has access to their very own digital library - built by Primer, exclusively for Primer kids.

In their digital library, Primer kids have access to hundreds of books tailored to their reading level, ensuring that every student can find something captivating that challenges them just the right amount. During structured independent reading time, our students:

• Set personal reading goals: Your child will set their own reading goals every 5 weeks. They will take ownership of their reading journey by choosing how many books and the types of books they aspire to read.

• Complete book reviews: Once your child finishes a book, they can submit a book review. These reviews will be read and approved by their Microschool Leader.

• Develop a personal library: By the end of the year, your child will have a library filled with books they’ve read and reviewed. You’ll be able to see which books they read during the year, and how much they grow as readers!

Our digital library is designed to maximize the benefits of independent reading. With a wide variety of books available, Primer kids are encouraged to set personal reading goals and exercise choice in which books they read. At Primer, independent reading is not just educational — it’s fun!

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