Our mission

Where some people measure progress in answers-right per test or tests-passed per year, we are more interested in ‘Sistine-Chapel-Ceilings per Lifetime.’

- Alan Kay

Our goal is simple: free the next generation of kids to be more ambitious, more creative, and to think for themselves. We are building a new education system that takes kids seriously.

Thriving in a complex world requires creativity and original thinking, but our education system is designed for mass production — not unlocking imagination and individuality. We won’t be able to solve 2050’s challenges with an educational supply chain built for the 1950s.

Kids are remarkable — and our current system is underestimating them. We need a new system, one where we value what kids learn both outside and inside the classroom. Where they learn how to solve real problems, not pass tests. Where they learn how to think, instead of what to think.

If we’re going to push humanity forward, we need to recognize and serve the 'weirdos' by society's standards — kids that blaze their own trails, follow their passions, and think differently. We need more kids pursuing new, non-standard paths.

All of the world’s problems are downstream of education. There is no easy fix, and it represents one of the hardest problems of our generation. It will take decades to solve, but we have a moral obligation to do it.

We’re on a mission to build the education experience our kids deserve, and deliver it to every kid. Offering an accessible, world-class education to millions of kids is one of the highest leverage things technology can do — and by doing so, we can empower future generations to bend the arc of history.