Teaching the inventors and change-makers of tomorrow requires a brand new approach to education. At Primer, you have the opportunity to lead your own Microschool and ensure success for every kid.

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Why you started

How many times have you stopped midday and thought, “This is not what I signed up for?”

You went into teaching because you cared about kids, because you wanted to create those aha moments where it all clicked. You wanted to hear laughter, spark joy, and marvel over what a young mind can imagine. But teaching hasn’t been about that at all. Instead, it’s about compliance and test scores and jumping through hoop after hoop. Frankly, it’s stressful for you, boring for the students, and—unsurprisingly—not fostering real learning.

There has to be a better way, right? We agree.

Primer puts teachers like you back in the driver’s seat

Get more one-on-one time
with your kids
Tune out all the noise — no countless new initiatives, directives and politics
Create a safe and
enriching learning environment

Why lead a Microschool?

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Create the school experience you always imagined. At Primer, you have the agency to create ideal learning conditions for your kids.

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Say goodbye to time wasters, like administrative busy work and pointless meetings.

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Leave behind bureaucracy and frustrating red tape. If your kids need something, you can make changes immediately.

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Gain new entrepreneurial and leadership experience, from operations and product to marketing and growth.

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Join a community of like-minded educators, both on your campus and virtually across the country.

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Make an impact. With best-in-class technology and support, you can deliver a truly personalized learning experience.

World-class educators

Headshot of Sydney, a Primer curriculum developer
"Primer is for you if you want to use your talents and interests to help kids unlock their talents and interests. Primer is for you if you are always dreaming of “What ifs...” for the current education system and are passionate about empowering future generations."
Sydney, Curriculum Developer
Headshot of Julia a Primer Microleader
"Primer is for you if you wish to be part of an extraordinary community, where learning is uniquely designed for your success."
Julia, Microschool Leader
Headshot of Apryl, a Primer MIcroleader
"Primer is for you if you're committed to building a better future for yourself and others and want to be a leader, a thinker, and an innovator in an ever-changing world."
Apryl, Microschool Leader
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Frequently asked questions

Why should I join Primer?
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We give educators the autonomy to follow their vision, create a special learning community, and meet each unique child where they are. We build schools that are never one-size-fits-all. We aren’t just reinventing education for kids, we’re reinventing education for teachers. Primer hears educators loud and clear, and we’re eager to collaborate with exceptional teachers so we can give them more time to do what they love: teach.

What’s compensation like?
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Primer Microschool Leaders get paid a higher salary than traditional educators and are offered robust employee benefits.

What are the benefits like?
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Primer provides health, dental, vision, short-term disability, basic life, and long-term disability insurance. Primer will also cover 12 weeks of paid, job-protected parental leave, provided that you have worked at Primer for 12 months.

Am I the right fit for this role?
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Do you have an entrepreneurial spark? Are you an organized self-starter? Do you celebrate kids for who they really are? Do you actively learn about your kids’ unique talents and interests? Do you help them find ways to explore their passions? Do parents adore you? Do you love what you do? Are you always looking for new ways to engage learners?

Will I have any chances for growth or advancement?
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As a Microschool Leader at a fast-growing startup, you'll be in a unique role that combines teaching and leadership. You'll develop skills in everything from operations to marketing to recruitment, and more. The role offers an opportunity to grow not just as an educator but an entrepreneur.

What if I don't see any campuses near where I live?
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We’re looking for entrepreneurial educators to take the leap with us to change the future of education. We empower educators like you to launch Microschools in your communities. So if you don’t see a campus near you, but are interested in learning more about Primer, please reach out to our team.

Join the team

The next generation deserves a better education system. If we’re going to get this right, we need more bright, ambitious, hard-working, creative people working on it.

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