Launching a microschool

At Primer, we free up educators to do the work that matters with the kids and families they love.

We eliminate barriers, giving teachers the tools they need to turn their visions into reality so that students can have an educational experience like they’ve never had before.

All-star teachers
for all-star kids

At Primer, all-star educators have the tools to launch microschools in the communities they love. Microschool Leaders work directly with families to build a Primer-powered, personalized learning program to match each child’s skills, needs, and passions.

Reinventing education for kids–and for teachers

Teachers, we hear you loud and clear:

We are a team of teachers, parents, and leaders in education who know the challenges of today's schools firsthand: inflexible curricula that leaves most kids bored or confused; a constant focus on test scores; lesson planning, grading, and never-ending work that eats away at your personal life.

Between impossible curriculum frameworks, jumping through hoops with new initiatives, and filling out mountains of paperwork, you feel like you have less time to just teach.

Here at Primer, we agree. We give educators the autonomy to follow their vision, create a powerful learning community, and meet each unique child where they are.

Join us in building schools that are never one-size-fits-all.

Before, I had a lack of flexibility in every aspect of the job—like ownership of curriculum and assessments. A lot of it felt out of my control. But here, there’s so much energy and flexibility, and ways to pivot. Primer is a place where teachers’ voices matter, where we’re given flexibility, where we’re challenged to break out of our comfort zone, to try something new, get better, and create the best experience for kids.

— Jasmin Song, ELA Teacher, Primer

Join the Primer team

This opportunity is for you if…

You have that entrepreneurial spark.
You’re an organized self-starter. You’re driven to make this school a success.

You’re confident you can get results.
Year after year, the students in your class meet—or exceed!—their learning goals.

You celebrate kids for who they are.
You actively learn about your kids’ unique talents and interests, and you help them find ways to explore their passions.

Parents adore you.
When their kids move up to the next grade, parents ask if you can move up with them. You’re that teacher who ‘gets’ their child in a way that others haven’t.

You’re enthusiastic about teaching and learning.
You love what you do, and you’re always looking for new ways to engage learners.

Launching a Microschool is easier than you’d think

Starting a school from scratch is hard, but Primer makes it easy.

We empower educators like you to launch Microschools in your communities. Together we build out a personalized schedule for each of your kids by leveraging our curricula and subject-area experts.

We handle all the tedious legal and operational tasks—and then get out of the way to let you build the school you want to build.

Microschool leaders get higher salaries, more freedom over their day-to-day activities, and direct control over their schools and students’ success.

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Rediscover the
magic of teaching

At Primer, we believe that big change starts small—with classrooms that give every student the attention they deserve and an environment where every student can feel both challenged and supported.

We’re pushing the boundaries to create a school that’s never one size fits all, and we’re looking for entrepreneurial educators to take the leap with us.