Introducing Primer Grant Winners

Abigail Africa

In December, we announced Primer Grants, awards of up to $500 for 8-14-year-olds who wanted to pursue ambitious projects. We received amazing submissions from kids around the world and selected our winners at the end of the month! Every winner is going to join Primer for the next few months and share progress on their work and their discoveries.

Here are our 13 winners to tell you about their projects!

Ben, 9

"I will design and build a beginner rock climbing wall that is affordable so that more kids can learn how to climb. I am very excited about the project because I can finally learn how to build a climbing wall!  I have always wanted to build something out of wood and also film videos to teach younger kids how to get access to rock climbing.  I am excited to start working on my rock climbing wall."

Maks and Monica, 9, 12

"We're going to make a mini library for kids in our low income neighborhood. What excites us most is that kids in the neighborhood can have a chance to exchange books to read during and after online learning. It will be a good opportunity for us to contribute to our neighborhood community in these difficult times."

Josh, 11

"I am going to document the process of writing, drawing, and coloring a 10 chapter manga style comic. I absolutely love to read manga and can't wait to make my own while learning to draw a completely different art style."

Britton, 12

"I am going to compose and create an album of 8 electronic (dance - house) songs using Ableton Live 10. I'm really excited to be producing my own music and sharing it with people. It will be super exciting to be able to play my music on YouTube music."

Eva, 12

"I am going to open an online shop where I will sell homemade lip balm. I'm excited about this project because I've been trying to do this for a while, but I didn't have the materials needed. I am very happy to be able to make my dream come true. Thank you so much once again for this opportunity."

Nicholas, 12

"I will design, build, and test a roughly 7-10 ft. solar-powered trimaran (3-hulled ship) made out of recycled materials. What excites me most about this project is that it is a chance to go forward with something I have been thinking about and trying for some time now. I am eager to experiment with different designs and recycled materials to see what will be most buoyant and to ultimately sail my final creation."

Nigel, 13

"I am going to bake and give cookies to 750 teachers. To date, I have baked and distributed cookies to over 250 teachers. My goal is 1,000 teachers. What excites me most about this project is having the funds to be able to encourage teachers during this challenging time. It's a double blessing.  I can do what I love, baking, and encourage others while I do it."

Maya, 13

"I will teach my dog to communicate in English by using buttons, when he wants to potty, play, walk etc. In 3 months, my dog will understand and use 4-8 words. In 12 months, he will learn ~30 words. I'm really excited for this project so I can better understand what my dog is thinking. How neat would it be if your DOG is the one asking to play, go for a walk, or drink water?!"

Ivan, 14

"I will make a short documentary about climate changes and pollution in my city and their impact on people and the environment. I am most excited because through this I will make a fusion between my two passions and interests in life, which are the natural sciences and the development of modern technologies that I would deal with in the future, and filmmaking which is my hobby. I also hope that through this documentary I will contribute to raising people's awareness of the environment and its protection."

Ishaan, 12

"I will facilitate the creation of a math competition, and create a competitive math tutoring program. I have high hopes for the future of this project, and this grant money will really help us get the competition off the ground. Requiring students to register via their school often causes competition participants to worry about the initial outcome due to social pressures. I believe the direct registration structure of the OMMC math competition has the potential to help thousands of students overcome their fear of failure and focus on incrementally improving their math skills."

Khloe, 14

"I'm going to combine fashion and stem to create a sustainable eco friendly reusable pad. I am doing this project because disposal pads are not good for the environment and reusable pads are eco friendly. A new design using eco friendly products can decrease infection rates! I am thrilled about changing the way women feel about sustainable feminine pads. Moving in the direction of using products that are not only good for the environment but also good for our bodies really excites me!"

Maebel, 14

"I am going to create a zentangle coloring book for kids and adults to enjoy. I want to do this project because I love art and I found how helpful coloring was to me with expressing feelings and emotions. I want to help others (both kids and adults) express themselves and find what makes them happy. I am most excited about helping other people find their creativity and passions through art."

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