Announcing High Fives

May 6, 2022
Jan 27, 2022

We’re rolling out a new feature for kids on Primer called High Fives that will enable them to send each other personalized tokens of appreciation.

At Primer, we're working on reimagining the nature of online social interactions to encourage kids to exchange their best ideas, relentlessly chase their curiosity together, and develop genuine friendships — this is why we're thrilled to announce a new feature we built for Primer kids called High Fives.

Now, instead of just being able to "like" and react to the posts of other kids who are creating works you admire, you can craft personalized messages by sending them a High Five. As a result, kids who create works that inspire others on Primer will receive tokens of appreciation that are more meaningful than just the number of "likes" they receive for their posts. 

With High Fives, kids are now receiving thank you notes and shoutouts for leading, helping, or inspiring their fellow artists, builders, writers, and collaborators.

This is just one of our many initial steps towards designing an online space for kids that both create more opportunities to deepen friendships and generate broader positive feedback loops that reward leadership, creativity, and hard work on projects you’re passionate about. 

High fives were designed by Elizabeth and shipped by Shawki and Bojan.