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An update on Primer's waitlist

This is a copy of an email that Primer's CEO sent to waitlisted families on September 9, 2020. To join our waitlist, sign up on

Ryan Delk

Hey friend,

I want to give a quick update on where we are with our waitlist. When we started Primer a year ago, we had no idea in a few short months we’d be working furiously to support tens of millions of new first-time homeschoolers, but we’re so proud to have the opportunity to support you all.

Yesterday, we rolled out a few hundred invites to the first folks on our waitlist. Those families have sent us great feedback and we've already shipped several improvements based on their comments. (You can take a sneak peek at some of the updates we've made to our product here.)

After this week, we'll begin rolling out additional invites each week with the hope of raising our number of weekly invites to include thousands of families at a time. With tens of thousands of students on the waitlist, this will still take some time, but you’ll receive regular updates from us on the progress.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out — I'm standing by to help, along with the rest of the team! Just reply to this email and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Ryan Delk, CEO & Co-Founder of Primer

Ryan Delk

Ryan Delk

Ryan is Co-founder and CEO of Primer. He was homeschooled from Kindergarten through 8th Grade, and started Primer to help homeschool his own kids. He's spent the last decade building tech companies at Square, Gumroad, and Omni.

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