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All Primer Paint is:

Paint & primer in one: In most cases you won't need to apply a layer of pure primer. Curious if you need primer? Check out our FAQ.

Zero-VOC: We avoid "volatile organic compounds” that cause the “new paint smell," and have harmful effects on us and the environment.

Easy to apply: Primer paint goes on smooth, no matter your experience level.

Durable: Our water-based paint is stain-resistant and easy to clean with warm water and a soft cloth.

What's in the kit?

If you need supplies to complete your paint project, our Paint Essentials Kit has everything you need to get the job done. The kit includes:

  1. 9” Roller frame with disposable microfiber cover.
  2. Roller tray with disposable liner.
  3. Paint can opener.
  4. 2” Angled sash brush to paint around trim and corners.
  5. Painting cup with magnetic brush rest.
  6. Paint can stir stick.
  7. Plastic drape to guard against drips and spills.
  8. Painter’s tape for masking of trim, ceilings, and floors.
  9. Paint can pour spout.

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