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Primer is a place for kids to explore and discover, together. Whether you’re into coding or chess, drawing or astrophysics, there’s a club and a community ready for you here.

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There are Primer clubs for all kinds of interests. Some are led by experts on our team, others are led by kids like you. Don’t see your passion on the list yet? Start a club of your own and find your people.

Here’s how it works

Every week, you'll join live sessions, share progress on your projects, and tackle challenges to sharpen your skills. You’ll learn from experts and hosts at Primer, and you’ll meet kids who share your interests from around the world.

What people are saying

Maya is making meaningful connections with the other kids. The social part is priceless. The early teenage years are when kids start to crave more complex social interactions. That drives their learning in many ways.

- Maya’s mom

And while I know they’re learning on so many levels with this, to them they are actually being entertained as well… They are coming to us excitedly telling us what they’re deciding or what they’re writing. There’s a lot of pride in what they are working on. They feel very smart, which helps build the confidence to keep going.”

- Victory’s dad

It's been tough finding other motivated kids locally. Primer has solved this for the 12 year old. There are kids from around the world. His peer group is not limited to the few homeschool/unschool kids in our city. This made it much easier to find kids w/similar interests to his. It's also project based, encouraging kids to tackle big things.

- Josh's mom

My kids love Primer. We were at Disneyworld recently and my daughter made us leave Disney so she could be online to host her Primer Room. It’s a real community of kids excited about earnest work.

- Aidyn's dad

What's happening on Primer

When you get this many ambitious kids together, magic is bound to happen. Check out the latest to see what they’ve been working on.

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