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Galactic Explorations
Final project showcase
Galactic Explorations is an immersive learning experience where kids (ages 9-14) collaborate on guided mega-projects. Teams set off on the trip of a lifetime to an exoplanet of their choice.
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Creating a Civilization on Proxima Centauri b
Team Celeste
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Science Experiments on Trappist 1F
Team Asteria
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Space Vehicle Design
Team Solar
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The Effects of Space on Humans
Team Galactic
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Exploring Life on Trappist 1F
Team Milkyway Musketeers & Team Birds
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A TV Show on Exoplanets
Team Odd Anglerfish
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The First Mission to Trappist 1F
Team Interspace
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The First Mission to Wolf 1061
Team Supernova
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The First Mission to Kepler 22b
Team Galaxy