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We’re Redefining Back-to-School and You’re Invited

This year, we’re redefining Back-to-School. Sign up for Primer now to get free membership for the rest of the year.


Note: This promotion has ended.

This Back-to School-Season we want you to find out what your kid is capable of outside the classroom. 

We want your kid to discover what uniquely lights their fire beyond the campus perimeter and the bounds of the syllabus. 

We want your kid to find friends from all around the world who share their interests and stumble upon co-conspirators who will help them pursue their grandest ambitions.

We want your kid to discover the community they’ve been looking for all along, where their hobbies will blossom into passions. 

We want your kid to realize that the books, movies, music, games... all these works they admirethey’re capable of creating themselves. 

So, we’re doing something crazywe’ll offer your family free Primer memberships through the rest of 2021 if you sign-up today. 

Primer is where kids are becoming creators. This year, your kid can join them. 

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