Welcoming our new logo

May 6, 2022
Oct 19, 2021

Is it a friendly squiggle? Electric lightning bolt? Mysterious zigzag? Eccentric slinky? Discover the origin of our new logo (according to the Primer kids!).

Today, we’re telling you all the origin story of this newcomer on Primer—

Once upon a time, we asked the young artists, storytellers, inventors, and creators of-all-stripes on Primer for help on something big—we were seeking inspiration for a new logo to represent all the swirling creativity and out-of-the-box energy we see in Primer kids’ endeavors and aspirations every single day. 

Our designer Elizabeth asked for the kids’ suggestions and sketches for the new logo.

We were thrilled by the enthusiastic responses we received from the kids and worked with Replica Studio to create a logo for Primer-land: the playground for experimentation and collaborative workshop for passion projects — the ultimate home on the internet for ambitious kids.

We were on the search for a logo that was in it of itself a playground for the imagination, a canvas for creativity, something that kids can directly decorate, use, modify...

Tap into your childhood imagination — what does the "M" look like to you?

We introduced “it” — the mysterious zigzag, the friendly squiggle, the lightning bolt of inspiration (?) to the kids first and saw how their imaginations ran wild. 

Kids were super excited to welcome our new logo!

Primer kids took on the challenge and started pondering, creating, and collaborating...Finn (11) and Victory (13) took the lead and hosted Rooms for other Primer kids to brainstorm what they can make from the new logo. 

The gears began turning rapidly from there…

Lily (11) saw “it” as part of a butterfly, or perhaps a mystery insect (?)

...while Victory (13) imagined “it” to be the symbol of a comic superhero character and mythical animals: 

Rhythm (13) and Elliana (10) imagined "Primer" as a playground...

...while Anna (11) saw Primer as a home.

Shivali (10) and Adeline (11) used an illustration to portray the variety of interests kids can explore on Primer... 

...while Lily (11), a leader of the Minecraft Club, led a build for the new logo using Minecraft tools:

Elizabeth (11), Sydney (9), and Lily (9) all had a knack for glamor and added some magic: 

...and Sierra (12) built a 3D model in Sketchup while Iris (13) created an animation

Kids even helped us create new app icons:

Which one is your favorite?

Now it’s your kid’s turn...what do they imagine when they see our new logo?

You’ll be surprised by what they’ll become capable of building when they discover a community that nurtures their curiosity on Primer. Sign-up today for free (limited time!):

Hopefully Victory's (13) illustration will give you some inspiration!

P.S. We're also hiring! If you want to help shape kids' learning journeys check out our open roles.

Join our team and you can impact the lives of kids like Pen (12), who created this illustration and leads a Primer art community.