November Project Spotlight

May 6, 2022
Dec 4, 2020

Outstanding work at Primer from the month of November.

We recently decided to begin highlighting a fraction of the amazing work that Primer kids are doing with a monthly recap. We’re transitioning from sharing kid work in our end-of-week emails to rounding them up into an article around the end of each month. Here are some outstanding projects on Primer in November! 

Sierra modeled a castle courtyard in SketchUp using modular components so that she could make it really big. She also added in a moat, giving it a water texture as an extra touch! One of the best parts of the castle is the brick texture and the archways.

“This is my castle and I made a moat. I didn't really have an inspiration of any castle in particular so I kind of made it by looking at different castles and taking ideas from each of them.”

Finn’s calendar/year themed poetry collection is awesome for obvious reasons.  

I'm starting the "season" section of my poetry collection. I understand that many people pronounce lever "leever", but for the sake of the poem, I ask that you pronounce it "lever".
Spring is here, with sunshine coming out! A season quite pleasing, without a doubt.
Flowers blooming, trees becoming bright, it seems all the flora glows at night!
Adventure is near, more than ever. Almost like it comes at the flick of a lever!
Whether climbing to the treehouse, or watering the plants, there’s always life around, mostly the ants.
During the seedtime, not too hot nor cold, bloom and blossom are the most bold.
But sometime, no matter what a bummer, you always have to give in to summer.

Primer recently released Collections, which are groups of student projects. One of our first Storytellers Club collections contained student work on Primer’s first newspaper. 

Rhythm’s work on designing the layout of the newspaper stood is an outstanding example of the kind of work we’ve been seeing on Primer! Rhythm created a newspaper with four sections and found a tool that helped her create a digital newspaper that simulates the act of turning pages, which is a great touch. She also gathered and featured other students’ work on the cover, which was an awesome way to bring attention to cool work within Storytellers Club. 

Rhythm's newspaper cover

One of the stories featured is an article by Iris on various styles of learning, which is beautifully written and arranged very professionally by Rhythm. 

We had a lot of awesome work in Artists club since launching. Artists club is our only club that contains entirely kid-made projects, so we’ve had so much fun observing the ways that each member sets up their creative process from project to project. 

We had so much fun watching Penelope’s Random Drawings project, which is described as “Just some drawings that I did.” Her project is full of character designs based on different books, fashion trends, and ideas. We love the way Penelope asks for others’ input on her artwork:

Julianna used a random prompt to inspire her art in a project called “Drawing based off a random prompt.” As promised, Julianna found some pretty random things for her prompt: rosewood, candy, and astrology. Here’s one of the process sketches that she shared for feedback:

Below is Julianna’s final drawing – she did an beautiful job of integrating such different things – it was an especially smart touch to let the subtlety of the rosewood come through in the colors and textures of the marker. 

Stephen made use of a few advanced art tools in his self-portrait. He tried out a new form of shading by using watercolors, smudging, and pencils. The details and the colors of the shadows are great! 

Finally, in Naturalists Club, Elizabeth used fiber optic cables, an LED light, a coin cell battery, and some household supplies to create a light-up version of her favorite constellation. This is such a cool way to turn something so majestic and far-off into a personal piece of art or decoration. She left instructions on her post, so you can create your own!

Light-up constellation

Thanks for checking out our November roundup! For a closer look at what Primer kids are making, log in, and take a look at the feeds for each club! 

With love,

The Primer Team