Kids are Creating the Rooms Schedule this Week!

May 6, 2022
Nov 12, 2021

This month kids are co-creating their Rooms experience with us as we’re launching “Kids-Make-the-Schedule-Week” starting on November 15th.

This month kids are co-creating their Rooms experience with us as we’re launching “Kids-Make-the-Schedule-Week” starting on November 15th.   

Our team designed the initial Rooms experiences to get kids to experience the what if? What if I was the manager of a billion dollar enterprise? What if I was a professional naturalist on a safari? What if I was a detective on the cusp of solving a thrilling mystery? What if my interests right now can blossom into something so much more? 

And a really important one: what if I find friends who share my enthusiasm, my passion, my obsessionwhat can we create together? 

We started by crafting Rooms to make their aspirations feel alive…

For the obsessive young problem-solvers, we crafted Rooms like “Puzzlers,” “Decepticon,” and the “Mystery of the Missing Mirrors” where they help one another as logicians and detectives.

For the aspiring young moguls, we’ve crafted a series of “Tiny Tycoon” business simulation Rooms to give them a taste of everything from real estate to the video game industries. 

For the ambitious young explorers who are destined to one day discover the hidden wonders of the world, we’ve crafted safari and nature trek adventure Rooms to help prepare them for the real thing. 

For the young artists, storytellers, and builders, we’ve crafted a space in Rooms for them to meet like-minded friends who are just as thrilled about transforming their imaginations into reality.

Kids are always co-creating the Primer experience with us (check out how Eric, a Primer engineer pair programmed with a kid who found bugs & how Elizabeth, our designer integrates feedback directly from the kids as just a few of many examples!). 

Kids are also creating their own rooms every day (like Syd’s Crafts and Clues Room and Lily’s Wildlife Ranger Club). We invited kids who were eager to go above and beyond to draft and test drive their own Primer-style content.

We asked the kids what they wanted to see, and Ellianna (10) and Victory (13) suggested “Lie Detectors: Ancient Egypt Edition” (as a continuation of our “Lie Detectors” problem-solving Room series) and Ava (13), Allie (10), and Edith (9) suggested “Roblox Fan Chat.” Some kids are even leading the creation of their own Rooms inspired by existing Primer Rooms: 

  • Sky (11) is leading an Acting Club Room featuring a series of acting games
  • Allie (10) is creating a Riddler Room where kids will take turns solving and making riddles
  • Penny (9) and Anna (11) are creating a “Babysitting Tycoon” business simulation Room
  • Ellie (10) is creating a Game Room for icebreaker get-to-know-you games 

We can’t wait to see them experience and share the magic of their own creations starting November 15th. Have your kids join them by signing up today: primer.com/signup

P.S. We're also hiring! If you want to help shape kids' learning journeys check out our open roles.