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Introducing the Activities Library

Today we're launching the Activities Library, our first of many tools to help families create the best possible homeschooling experience. In it, you can discover endless projects and lesson plans to kick off the curiosity in your child.

Aivant Goyal

At Primer, we’re dedicated to helping homeschooling families give the best possible education to their children. So far, we’ve been very focused on the student side of the experience. Kids from around the world have joined Clubs on Primer—communities where kids can meet and work alongside peers that share their interests.

Today, we’re rolling out the first of many tools specifically built for parents: our Activities Library. 

Activities Library

Our team has curated thousands of the top educational activities, lesson plans, and hands-on projects from around the web, categorized by grade-level, subject area, interests, and length. We know how much work it can be to find activities that are perfect for kids’ diverse interests and learning styles. We built the Activities Library to save you hours each week and let you spend more time with your kids. 

Need a science lesson for your kids that love cooking? Explore magnetism by running an experiment with magnetic fruit. Someone in your house can’t stop singing “Despacito”? Put that energy towards a deep dive into Latin Rhythms. Looking for a math lesson for your 12-year-old that can’t stop talking about Space? We got you, check out this activity to create DIY antennas and use them to understand radio waves.

There are a lot of ways your family can start using the Activities Library today to level-up your homeschooling experience, and we’re adding new features and hundreds of new activities every month!

Two examples of activities in our library

Right now, the Activities Library best supports learners aged 7-14. If you want to check it out or get your kids started with Primer Clubs, sign up for Primer today! If you'd like to learn more about Primer, check out our blog and subscribe below to stay tuned for more updates.

Aivant Goyal

Aivant Goyal

Aivant designed and taught courses on software engineering from the ground up while studying computer science and education at UC Berkeley. He has a passion for creating engaging learning environments and loves exploring new ideas in the education space.

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