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Introducing Lily: From Gamer to Game-Creator

May 6, 2022
Oct 11, 2021

11-year-old Lily tells us the story of how her passions evolved from playing games to designing her own games as she is discovering Primer friends to build projects with together.

Lily has been a part of the Primer community since November 2020 and has since then grown as a leader—she began by hosting Minecraft Rooms and is now playing a major role in creating the Minecraft Club on Primer for kids interested in building projects using Minecraft tools.

What are some of the favorite things you’ve created on Primer? 

I’ve created a lot of drawings of Minecraft characters for the Artists Club and I made a music video for the Storytellers Club—I definitely plan on making more music videos.

How have you found your friends on Primer? 

I’ve found my friends mainly through being in the same Rooms together. The first friend I made was Victory, then Gabrielle and Elora...then many others! We help each other build stuff and expand the realm we’re creating in the games. 

What have you built together so far? 

I host a Room and help Gabrielle and Dakota make a game in the realm—there are 3 parts so far and Dakota’s making the 4th. In the first chapters, there are monsters and campfires. In the third part, there is basically a bedroom and you try to keep monsters from attacking you. It’s expanding a lot.

Lily created this illustration in response to the Primer Artists Club “Inktober 2021” Challenge.

How long does it take for you to plan the Rooms that you host? 

It doesn’t take me that long if I have a cool idea in mind. I’ve also attended the Scratch Arcade and Game-makers Club meetups. 

Have you ever gotten inspiration for your own game from others? 

I got an idea from the “Video Game Empire” Room for making a game in Scratch.

What are some of your other favorite Rooms? 

I’ve also hosted the Wings of Fire Room and attend the Warrior Cat Room that Gabrielle hosts. I enjoy the Kid-Hosted Rooms the most because I feel like I can relate more because they’re hosted by kids like me. 

Do you find it easy to find friends on Primer?

Yeah, it’s easier to find friends in certain Clubs who have the same interests as me. I can find new kids to be friends with in Rooms too. I’m pretty open to making new friends. 

What other projects have you worked on? 

I draw characters from Wings of Fire and Minecraft. I do think feedback from other kids helps me—Pen gave me motivation by telling me about my characters looking cool. In the Naturalists club, I’ve also created my own sea creature for the Summer Extravaganza Challenge. I am working on a Photography Club challenge and I think exploring photography more would be fun. 

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