Primer Papers

A Galactic Explorations Digital Illustration by Sierra

May 6, 2022
Sep 23, 2021

This was published as part of the first edition of the Primer Papers, a publication created by the kids at the Primer Newsroom. Primer is building the world’s first home for ambitious kids. Learn more here and find out how your kid can publish too.

About the Artist 

I am 12 years old and I LOVE drawing. I also love learning about space, talking with my friends, playing tennis and I love playing with my dog. My pronouns are she/her.

Galactic Explorations

What inspired me:

I got interested in space when I was younger. It always fascinated me how many things you could discover and find out in just a couple of years or even months. But what really inspired me to discover more about space and why I am so enthusiastic is because I met a guy from SpaceX, Phil, from the Primer team. I loved talking to him about working on spaceships going up to space. I also got more interested when I did the Galactic Explorations Pursuit. Like, I didn’t know there were things called exoplanets and how some were in the Goldilock’s Zone. I also love reading about space and how I can learn so much from one individual planet. 

How I made my drawing on Procreate:

I used Procreate with a stylus pen. So, first I made the top by making a perfect circle. After that I made a straight line going down the middle, and then I made it so that there were two lines coming out of the circle going to the end of the line. Then, I made two straight lines going down. Then, I mirrored the squiggly lines and I finally made the bottom. Then, I made a new layer and I made the galaxies. I basically just looked up inspiration on all of these. Like I really liked some of the colors on some pictures so I used those in my drawing, so stuff like that I did. 

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