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Announcing Primer Journals

Abigail Africa

Students are doing amazing projects on Primer every day, and they’ve been looking for a way to share their work beyond Primer. That’s why we’re so excited to announce Primer Journals! Now, kids can share their projects with anyone—grandparents, siblings, or friends who aren’t signed up for Primer yet.

Primer Journal
Primer Journal: Space, Seas, and Cyborgs

In journals, kids can document their projects by creating and organizing blocks of text, images, videos, and links. Kids can choose which of these blocks to share with the club—blocks don’t go to the club feed automatically anymore!

Text blocks are also getting more interesting with formatting for bold, italics, bullet points, numbers, and links.

At any point, kids can choose to make their journal public and share the link with family, friends, or other students!

The best way to learn about journals is to see them in action (meta, we know):

Our designer, Elizabeth, made a journal about designing journals 😉

Elizabeth's journal entitled "Designing Primer Journals"
Elizabeth's journal about designing Primer journals

Jess, our design intern and illustrator, made a journal about making the Primer illustrations you know and love! She included some awesome time-lapses that showcase her process.

Jess' journal about Primer illustrations

Getting started with Primer Journals is easy: your learner can head to their favorite club and start a new project to access the new journals.

Let us know what you think of journals! We love every piece of feedback 😄

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